16m Twin Screw Workboat, Barge and Lift Pontoon – WB0038

By March 7, 2013

** Removed from market **

  • Twin screw two x 135HP Perkins engines (very maneuverable unit)
  • Bow push-pads, tow bollard and 360 degree fendering
  • Perkins/hydraulic power pack running deck crane and deck winch
  • Raised air-conditioned wheel house
  • spill kit fitted
  • Oxy/acetylene cutting equipment mounted
  • Deck crane fitted 10T @ 2m
  • Deck crane fitted 2T @ 10m
  • 30T hydraulic deck winch with horizontal bow rollers
  • Total deck loading 50T
  • Four point mooring system
  • Four x 5T winches
  • A frame – safe working load 10T
  • Moon pool fitted a couple of metres aft of the bow