*SOLD* Twin Jet Crew Vessel – CV0004

By January 27, 2012

This vessel has *SOLD* – please contact us if we can find you something similar

  • High speed crew transfer vessel.
  • Bow and stern passenger transfer capability.
  • Portable Dive system for fleet dive support can be included.
  • Air-conditioned enclosed deck.
  • The vessel can operate with 645mm draft.
  • A 2-tonne A-frame fitted and included.
  • A clear rear deck can take 10m lengths if needed and oil spill emergency response equipment.
  • Capable of 35knots.
  • Capable of 22 knots with 8T on back deck.
  • Jet propelled, and can pull up to any beach anywhere.
  • With 1700hp it is capable of recovering most vessels that are grounded.

Please enquire for details of other option vessels available.