360T 60m Crane Ship and Tug – CB0007 & TG0442

By April 9, 2013

60m Multi-use crane Ship consisting of two parts – crane ship CB007 and pushing ship TG442 – Tug for_sale or Charter.

Crane Ship is equipped with crane lifting capacity of maximum 360T, maximum boom length of 61.62m and has space of 21.5m x 26.2m which has loadable capacity of approx. 2500T.  She is also equiped with 5.0m3 orange buckets.

Pushing Tug has maximum speed of 13.5 knots per hour and pushing speed of 10.5 knots per hour and is equipped with proper machinery engine part and ship operation control system to be able to push the crane ship for sailing.

Please enquire for further details and availability.