1200T 50m x 29m Jack Up Barge – JU0033

By December 17, 2012

50m x 29m self elevating platform open to sale or charter opportunities.   Depth: 4.5m; Displacement: 3,600T; Deck Load: 15T/m2; Draft Max: 2.5m; Winches: 4 x 1 drum; Pull force: 20T; Wire diameter/length: 42mm / 400m/drum; Anchors: 4 x 3.5T delta flipper.

Jacking system – Type: Positive Engagement System; Number of legs: 4; Leg length: 65m; Diameter of Leg: 2,300mm; Legs tip: Pointed- No spud cans, No jetting system; Payload: 1,200T; Jacking speed: 12m/hr.