Heavy Duty Hydraulic Salvage Grab – GB0046

By August 8, 2016

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Salvage Grab built by TGS available for_sale or Hire for handling ship wrecks up to 1000Mt.
The TGS Salvage grab is the only one of this type in the world with 4 independent claws of 250Mt each and a total pinch force of 1000Mt. It’s lifting capacity reaches more than 1000Mt and is built out of the latest high tense steel in order to achieve a super light empty weight of 165Mt. The Salvage Grab operates on a sheer leg crane or any other type of lifting crane. The Grab is equipped with 4 Heavy Duty Hydraulic cylinders to open and close the claws. The cylinders are actuated by means of subsea diesel-hydraulic power pack mounted on deck via a constant tension hose reel. The control can be done by radio remote. The Salvage Grab is multi-functional built and can be used with 4 or 2 gripping jaws.
Please contact us for further details and availability.